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We help you break down your brick walls


We help you break down your brick walls


Helping you with your family research

Got an annoying problem in your family tree? Can't seem to find out where Great Uncle Morris disappeared to? Or who your great grandparents are? Let me help you solve your problems. I'm a tenacious professional genealogist who loves to solve to seemingly impossible family tree issues. I specialise in Australian and UK family trees but do have experience with Jewish, European and Asian colonial trees. 

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Fiona helped me so much! I never thought I would find out such fascinating things about my family and ancestors. It really is a gift to know where our backgrounds are and the history they carry. So amazing!
— Nicole Sokol




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What can I help you with?


Got a problem you can't seem to solve? Have a complicated history and don't know where to start? I have experience in breaking down even the hardest of brick walls. Contact us for help!


Need help with intestate estates or tracing missing beneficiaries? I can help you trace the next of kin for the deceased to deal with the estate.

other research

I can help you with other historical research for your podcast, documentary or other project. Contact me for more information. 


History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all
— Laurence Overmire


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