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My name is Fiona Crisp and I started looking at my own family history in 2010 while I was on maternity leave with my second child. I soon fell down the rabbit hole of family research and have now extensively investigated my own family tree and that of some of my friends. 

I have a Diploma in Family History from the University of Tasmania and am a member of the Australian Society of Genealogists. I have also been a Chartered Accountant since 1997.

During my diploma I came across a convict, William Hipwell, who was an interesting character and had a fascinating family. As I researched into William, I found out more of his family and researched his family in depth. I traced some of his living relatives and sent them my research. Below is a quote from Mark Hipwell, his great four times nephew. 

That's amazing - your research has really brought this person to life. Thank you so much!

In 2016 I contributed genealogical research to a book written by Judith Amey. The Men in the Window was written by Judith about soldiers from the Claremont, Western Australia region who were killed in the First World War. 



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